Having discussed the common characteristics of the other elemental zodiac signs, we now turn to the Water signs. Often painted as the most emotional signs, Water signs tend to embrace many features of their namesake element; they can be soothing and gentle, as they are usually attuned to the emotional states of others. Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio comprise the Water signs, and while they do share some common traits, each sign boasts idiosyncrasies that make them unique.


Emotional Connection

The Water signs get a bad reputation for being overly emotional, and while it would be an injustice to categorize all Water signs as dramatic or sensitive, most Water signs are very much in tune with their emotions as well as the feelings of others. Naturally, this intense empathy and introspection can be exhausting and overwhelming, leading to a brooding inclination for these signs.


Open-Minded and Equitable

Because Water signs are so attuned to others’ emotions, they tend to be highly compassionate and understanding. When addressing a problem or overseeing a discussion, Water signs are usually able to see various perspectives and tackle the issue more objectively in order to conceive and implement a solution that benefits everyone.



Stemming from their emotional attraction, Water signs are often driven by a desire for inclusion and kinship. Much of their satisfaction in life comes from other people. Making their friends and family happy comes naturally to most Water signs, and doing so also brings them great joy.



The high emotional intelligence Cancer signs possess is utilized to pursue security for themselves and their loved ones, and they are also natural caretakers with strong protective instincts and a deep-seated instinct to nurture and preserve that which they love.



As the most emotionally-volatile of the Water signs, Scorpios tend to run hot, boasting energy and passion that rivals the Fire signs. These signs are prone to following their gut instincts, and if they are hurt or betrayed, they are not slow to retaliate. 



Empathy resides in the hearts of most Water signs but especially for Pisces signs. Prone to indecision and fluctuation like the tides, Pisces can be hesitant to commit. Of all the zodiac signs, Pisces are considered to be among the most creative and intuitive.