Psychic Readings by Ronn

There are many ways to seek answers to life’s most difficult questions.  One of the most fulfilling ways to learn about your past, present, and future is to contact a gifted Michigan Psychic Medium.  Ronn Sussberg is the premiere Psychic Medium in the Michigan area.

If you choose to have Ronn perform a reading in person, you can schedule an appointment to visit Ronn’s Birmingham, MI location.  However, Psychic Readings by Ronn recognizes that not everyone is comfortable having their fortune read outside the comfort of their own home.  That’s why Ronn offers Psychic Readings by Phone.

This service allows you to take advantage of Ronn’s gift without leaving your home.  Ronn’s phone readings are just as powerful, as his aural senses are extremely heightened.  Phone readings at Psychic Readings by Ronn also make it convenient for Ronn’s large client base located outside of the Michigan area.  Ronn has had the privilege of working with musicians, actresses, and supermodels who frequently travel and value their ability to contact Ronn for guidance from anywhere in the world.

Life’s big moments and decisions rarely wait for you to be ready, so having Ronn available by phone allows you to follow your spiritual guides no matter where you are in the world.

The mission of Psychic Readings by Ronn is to help people, and Ronn feels that his gifts and abilities should not only be available to those who live in the Michigan area.


Clairvoyance – Ronn has made a name in the local and national psychic community as a true clairvoyant.  That means that Ronn’s primary ability consists of being able to see the future.  Ronn’s gift is so unique that even by phone he can visualize a clear picture of your future and help guide your decisions and avoid past mistakes.

Scrying – As a Clairvoyant Psychic Medium, Ronn is also well versed in the art of Scrying.  Scrying is the ancient art of using a crystal ball as a tool to see images from the future.  Not only can view these images from your future, he can also interpret them into specific advice you can use.

Tarot – Ronn can read your future in the cards over the phone.

Angel Readings – After speaking with you, Ronn can communicate with your Angel Guides in order to gain insight into their cosmic plan for you.  He can reveal to you the best path to follow your own destiny.

Mediumship – Ronn is also a power Psychic Medium.  This means that once he communicates with you via phone, he can also communicate with departed loved ones to help you gain closure.

Past Life Regression – After learning a bit about you on your phone call, Ronn has the ability to then channel your past selves and pass along knowledge you may have gained in other lives but have since forgotten.  Ronn enters a trance and travels across time and space in his mind to visit your spirit in another form.

Michigan Psychic Phone Readings: Rates

Please visit Psychic Readings by Ronn for detailed information about rates for phone readings.

Note: Past Life Regression offered separately.

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