Psychic Abilities

There are many forms of psychic abilities. The first step to identifying them is to get in touch with your senses.

What many people fail to understand about psychic abilities is that everyone has some degree of psychic power.  Psychic Mediums and Clairvoyants simply have a more heightened sixth sense, or third eye so to speak.  The third eye is allows psychics to see the auras that exist but are imperceptible to those who are not in tune with their own spiritual nature.  We all have a third eye, but Psychics have the ability to open it and look through to the other side while the average person cannot.  That said, there are ways to develop your psychic abilities.

The first step to developing your psychic abilities is to meditate on what extra sensory power you may already have.  Do you find yourself in tune with emotions of others?  Do you sometimes feel like you know what someone is about to say or do?  Do you experience deja vu more often than the average person?  These could be signs that you have innate psychic abilities that you simply haven’t worked to develop.

Being a psychic is all about being sensitive in almost every meaning of the word.  It means using all of your five senses to their maximum to unlock the sixth, or to open the third eye.  It also means being sensitive to the feelings of others.  Psychics must not only listen to others but must also feel the energy of others.  Everyone exudes an energy or an aura and those who are in tune with their psychic abilities can feel and sometimes see these auras.

If you feel that you are an intuitive judge of character, it may be more than just instinct.  Do you ever get the an immediate feeling about someone without knowing much about them?  You may unconsciously be reading their aura.  If you can develop these skills, you may someday be able to read their feelings and desires which helps psychics give informed guidance to their clients.

You must also accept and be open to the possibility of the unseen.  Much of the universe can be perceived by human senses, but much of it cannot.  The first step to seeing the unseen is accepting that it is there.  If you follow these steps, you may begin to feel a heightened sensory perception beyond what you thought possible.