Can spiritual experiences be explained as a manifestation of our collective energy?

The idea of a higher power is easier to wrap your head around when thinking of it as the energy that exists in everything and everyone of us.  A recent Freethought Nation article discusses the possibility that spirituality can be explained as energy.

This notion doesn’t seem so far fetched especially when you compare the characteristics of our concept of a spiritual being and energy.

  • A force that cannot be seen, only felt
  • Cannot be created or destroyed
  • Always was and always will be

Energy is convertible and transferable. It can be harnessed and utilized through solar, hydro, wind, combustion and electrical means.  One can also call upon energy through meditation or prayer. Many ask for strength, focus and the answers to conquer situations that they are facing, and many receive it.

You may have noticed being more energized than normal for unknown reasons. Maybe it was food that you ate or being out in fresh air and sunlight. People have noted feeling a substantial and almost palpable energy when visiting very old buildings, temples or cathedrals. It has been suggested that these feelings may be the result of a strong history of this universal energy being present.

Perhaps spiritual figures such as Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed etc. are simply conduits that this loving, life-giving energy can flow through more easily.  Certain people seem to be born with a higher universal understanding or enlightenment than others.  Some even possess unexplained gifts such as a heightened sense of intuition, clairvoyance, telepathy, and the ability to heal through touch.

Can it be a coincidence that stories of these pinnacle spiritual figures possessing one or more of these abilities have been passed down for thousands of years?

You may know certain people with one of these abilities or have even experienced one within yourself.  We are all more spiritual beings than we realize. It’s time to open up our eyes.  With the awareness and ability to utilize this consciousness collectively, what can we achieve?

The sky is the limit.