Energetic themes for September 2015 are faith and trust. We are currently in the process of expanding the boundaries of our creativity, perception, and understanding. As we expand, we’ll need a bigger container in order to accommodate our evolution. Fear, limited thinking or the need for control will limit us, preventing expansion and growth, which is why the central theme of September is trust.

Throughout the month, one might feel out of control or see others lose control of their rational thoughts. It may feel chaotic and it may not be clear to you where to best delegate your energy. “The best-laid plans may go haywire as spirit shows you in no uncertain terms that there is another agenda for you to follow.”

Rather than follow suit with your rational mind, try to tune in to your higher mind of intuition. Allow for inspiration to take charge. You never know what will trigger inspiration but it allows you to accomplish something true to you.

Transform your skills for organizing your physical life into organizing your spiritual life. The external physical structures of security and support may not be as firm and true as we thought. What about that inner structure, our inner spiritual life? If we can satisfy our inner, spiritual container, the better we can feed our outer container with trust and faith. Let go of the things you once relied on.

Tap into the Artisan within for it is an Artisan year. Artisans are masters of chaos and destruction as well as masters of creativity. Trust yourself to navigate the chaos and find the outrageously beautiful, highly creative work of art.

“Your life as a creative project will unfold in its right timing with power and purpose as long as you can practice Faith and Trust every step of the way.”

Release anything holding you back, old dreams or lost opportunities and embrace the unknown, beautiful, inspiring future. Stay strong on the inside and avoid dramatic external events. There is no need for them to infiltrate your core.