Let spirituality guide you when trying to relieve your anger.

Let spirituality guide you when trying to relieve your anger.

Many encourage the release of anger and rage from our lifestyles. The reality, however, is that anger is something that has its purpose. It induces balance and justice, proving to be essential to the operation of society on earth.

Most of those who are spiritual go about exerting their anger in a passive-aggressive way.

To walk the spiritual path it is essential to deal with anger as efficiently as possible. In the spiritual world, anger is a tool of balance and karma. Anger can be released temporarily in a variety of ways, such as screaming into a pillow or throwing a soft object across the room.

Like anything, it is important to first identify that you have a problem with anger. Women have a particularly hard time with this (partially because anger is not considered to be ladylike).

In the spiritual realm, the proper way to release rage is by calling upon karma and balance against the source of the anger. Someone has to pay for this anger – either the source of the anger or the one receiving it.

If someone betrays you, without achieving spiritual balance you are losing twice. Without relieving this negative energy by turning it back on the perpetrator, you are keeping the energy within yourself.

You are benefiting yourself and the perpetrator, as you are immediately returning this negative karma instead of letting it boil and multiple into exponentially worse karma. Calling it on the perpetrator now allows them to immediately see the consequences of their doings. This can positively change the relationship you two have.

By opening the perpetrator’s eyes in a spiritual way, it allows him to see his impact on others and hopefully will change his future actions.