Ball of Chi

The idea of Chi has been around in Eastern thought for thousands of years.

A fascinating example of a type of unmeasurable energy is Chi.    Believed to be life force or the energy flow that exists between everyone and everything, Chi has been a respected idea that has existed in the eastern world for ages.

The biggest argument made against the existence of Chi is that it is nearly unmeasurable in a scientific or physical sense, and since Chi is a very personal experience it is almost unexplainable to people who have not felt it for themselves. However, it is a phenomenon that is experienced by thousands. Experienced martial artists often speak of chi and manipulating this energy to tactfully maneuver, strike and block their way through a fight, with a hopefully worthy opponent. When sparring in certain styles it is possible to feel ones chi against your own like learning a new side to a personality. Chi is believed to be cultivated from a person’s chakras which are energy fields that exist in our bodies. Running along the spine and in the palms, chakras have been felt by millions, and have been known about and studied for thousands of years.

Anyone can learn to feel and become aware of these areas and exercise them much like a muscle. Chi also travels through our bodies meridians, which are a system of pressure points that run throughout our whole body. People have long been self healing, practicing acupressure and acupuncture through the stimulation of meridians. Exercising these points properly promotes circulation and can heal certain ailments and injuries. The phenomenon of Chi is a mysterious one and imaginably an exciting journey of discoveries for anyone to venture towards.

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