Those born between September 23rd and October 22nd are members of the Libra sign. Libras are ruled by Venus and their element is air.

Romantically, Libras are most compatible with Aries and Sagittarius.

Libras are known to be cooperative and diplomatic, but are often indecisive. They will carry a grudge, but avoid confrontation.

Generally Libras favor harmony and the more gentle things in life, avoiding violence and injustice. They are the peacekeepers who seek balance.

Libras – Gemstones and Crystals

Raw gemstones and crystal healing have been used for centuries. Over time, the strong vibrational energy of each unique stone has been known to affect the signs differently.

If you’re a Libra, here are gemstones and crystals that could provide you with the healing power you’ve been craving:

Aquamarine promotes open-mindedness and tolerance. When feeling judgemental or weighed down by negativity, aquamarine could help balance your viewpoints.

Bloodstone is a gemstone that purifies and detoxifies your body. If you’ve been experiencing lack of creativity, mental fogginess and fatigue, bloodstone could help to restore your energy to a balanced state.

Clear quartz will assist Libras in thinking more clearly, dissipating the indecisiveness and confusion that often leads you to be removed from the present.

Covellite helps you cultivate a positive mindset and harmonize your life. If your dreams have been stagnant or you’re having trouble accepting love into your sphere, Covellite could activate those feelings.

Lapis lazuli will be useful in times where confrontation is necessary. The stone will provide mental awareness and serenity, allowing you to express yourself in the diplomatic manner Libras so often desire.

Mexican Fire Opal will enhance your zest for life and overall vitality. It is especially beneficial for Libras who need increased intuition during a life transition.

Moonstone will help you look deep within yourself to discover strength and wisdom that has been hidden.

As you can see, gemstones and crystals have a variety of uses, helping you bring out the best parts of yourself.

Best wishes to all you Libras. I hope this list provides you with the tools for balance and healing.