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Ronn Sussberg of Psychic Readings by Ronn provides individualized readings over the phone.

Ronn Sussberg of Psychic Readings by Ronn provides individualized readings over the phone.

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There are many ways to interact with psychic mediums.  Many people prefer in person readings, but Psychic Readings by Ronn recognizes some people are more at ease in the comfort of their own homes.  That’s why longtime clairvoyant and clairaudient psychic, Ronn Sussberg provides over the phone readings from anywhere in the United States.

With a history of providing specific answers to some of his clients’ most challenging questions, Ronn feels that his services should not be restricted to those only in the Detroit Metro Area, where he is based.  Ronn has a loyal client base who prefer to have their readings performed over the phone.

Some of the services Ronn can provide by phone include working with your Angel Guides to attain spiritual guidance, channeling departed family or loved ones using his gift as a psychic medium, and performing individualized tarot readings.

Ronn has made numerous radio and television appearances which has led Psychic Readings by Ronn to be one of the most sought after psychic services in the Detroit area. That doesn’t mean you have to be in the vicinity to take advantage of Ronn’s talents.

Watch this Brief Video for More Background on Ronn’s Gift

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By working with Ronn, you will be in great company.  He has performed readings for well known actresses, musicians, and models.

Ronn is the third generation in a line of clairvoyant psychics and has over thirty years of experience using his gift to help his clients look into their pasts, presents, and futures.  Call today for a personalized reading over the phone.


Individual 30 Minute Phone Reading – $90

Individual Extended 60 Minute Phone Reading – $160